Top 10 Reasons

Gavin Hooper is The Fun Hypnotist


Top 10 reasons to hire Comedy Hypnotist Gavin Hooper for your event

  1. TestimonialsGavin is truly a “Master Hypnotist”. He did not learn hypnosis over a weekend in Vegas.
  2. He understands people and makes them feel very comfortable before inviting them to the stage.
  3. Gavin is a Professional Entertainer. Not every stage hypnotist is entertaining.
  4. Gavin has performed his show in many countries around the world.
  5. Experience is priceless. Gavin has over 18 years of experience working with Hypnosis and entertaining people with his fun, fast-paced hypnotic show.
  6. Gavin’s show is clean (still very funny though… weird, right?) and suitable for all ages to attend.
  7. His jokes are very funny (Okay… they’re mediocre, but still kinda funny)
  8. Hooper can and will leave you and your people with wonderful memories and feeling completely refreshed.
  9. Gavin can help you to deliver your message to prospective clients, or to the entire team working within your company.
  10. Gavin Hooper will NEVER humiliate you or your guests – EVER!

Just think how much better your company would do if everyone had a good laugh and were feeling refreshed. Now, add to that some very funny skits, a few great photos, and some warm memories – yours to keep forever. Can you see that being helpful? Of course, you can! We look forward to your call or email.