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What can this inspirational hypnotist do for you?

Gavin Hooper’s hypnotic presentations are designed to motivate people in a fun and exciting way.  Gavin will get everyone moving, thinking and demonstrating how to instantly change your state and put more positive energy into a conference, AGM or company gathering.  Meetings are an essential part of any business they help determine the direction, goals, and targets that need to be met and that requires energy, as well as being open to new ideas. Using a few hypnotic techniques that Gavin has mastered over the last 25 years, he will show you how to break free of self-limiting beliefs that could be holding you back. We all go into various state of hypnosis daily, wouldn’t you rather be able to choose which ones are affecting you? If you had any doubts about hypnotism before, you’ll soon be convinced about its effectiveness.  Have you ever been hypnotized?  

Gavin creates an enjoyable, safe atmosphere with interactive situations that encourage people to play, laugh and share. This inspires people to develop their creative abilities and to “think outside the box”.

What can Hooper the Hypnotist do for you? Invite him to speak at your office where he can…

  • Show you easy ways to create instant positive energy
  • improve customer service/relations
  • increase sales using a few hypnotic techniques ( yes, ethically of course)
  • develop leadership skills
  • overcome fear and replace it with a better emotion
  • relieve tension and stress
  • create positive emotions
  • works well with Gen X & Y

Gavin can deliver your meetings message in a powerful, and humorous style that will be remembered. (we remember things that create a strong emotion, laughter is a strong emotion)

Corporate Power Performance™

Gain insight to new ideas by freeing your mind from information overload.  Invite Gavin to your conference, or AGM.  Corporate Power Performance™

CPP is a hypnotic presentation designed to decrease stress, improve concentration and offer ideas that can keep you in a peak state of mind.    It’s a fun diversion that can re-energize your group’s mental processes, so round two can be even more productive.

This hypnosis presentation was developed out of necessity to accommodate demanding schedules. Gavin recognized that a shorter presentation could be a powerful tool for the corporate client. This presentation hour of power is designed to clear the mind of overload and leave the attendees feeling refreshed, refocused and energized, allowing new ideas to emerge.

                               “Sometimes a good laugh is just what’s needed to keep going”

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Comedy Hypnotist, corporate event hypnotist, and inspirational entertainer.

Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna, Kamloops, Prince George, Nanaimo,Comox, Whistler, British Columbia, BC, Edmonton, Calgary, Alberta, AB, Saskatchewan, Regina, Moose Jaw Manitoba, Toronto, Ontario and US states such as Montana, California, Florida, North Dakota, Illinois, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado and many others.

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