Life’s a Hypnotic State of Mind

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Life’s a Hypnotic State of Mind

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Life’s a hypnotic state of mind. This photo is only a representation of the human mind.

Life’s a hypnotic state of mind, and I’ve got a great feeling about this year. This may just turn out to be an even more amazing year than the last one, which was wonderful.   People (of which I am one) tend to look to the future for  what may or may not take place, however with the help of my wonderful Sister Barbara, and years of her being patient with me;  I have learned that all we really have is the “Right Now” this present moment,  nothing more, nothing less.
By staying in the present moment, life is allowed to just unfold and do whatever it’s going to do, with or without your consent.  You can choose to worry about things if you’d like; but it will make zero difference to the outcome, talk about being in a Hypnotic state of mind.   Life is hypnosis, so give yourself the suggestion to wake up and stay in the Now.   Now count,  Wide Awake.

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