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We hired Gavin for a corporate party. I wasn't sure what to expect and Gavin totally entertained and delivered. The show was in-line with the corporate culture and everyone had a really good time. A very talented & professional individual that I would work with again for any event.

Cara Bedford Corporate party

Did our staff christmas event at Sparkling Hill. I laughed so hard my face hurt for the whole show. Almost ended up being part of it myself. Lol Highly recommended this guy!! Guaranteed great night!

Gillian Ess

We went to Edmonton Expo.... Gavin was hilarious!!... had the crowd in stitches... show was clean, family friendly, but my face hurt from all the laughter it had!!!!

Randy Young

With the retiring of long-time hypnotist and friend of K-days, we were challenged to find a new hypnotist to perform. Fortunately we discovered Gavin Hooper and his amazing show. He was entertaining, funny, and loved by guests of all ages. His show continually drew large crowds and was one of the hits of the fair. Further, Gavin was a consummate professional and it was our pleasure to work with him. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Peter Jelinski Manager, Event Development K-days – Edmonton

“We have had numerous hypnotists at the Illinois State Fair throughout the years, but never one as talented and entertaining as Gavin Hooper. His shows are humorous, family friendly and were always filled to capacity. We are delighted to have him at our fair.”

Kevin Gordon Illinois State Fair Manager Illinois State Fair

This was the first time I have ever seen anything like this in person. Of course at first I was skeptic but after watching him hypnotize about 12 of my co workers and have them do the funniest things possible, I am now a believer!! We will definitely book him again!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! If you want to laugh till your stomach hurts he is the guy you want at your party! YouTube does not do justice to the show he puts on!

Kyle Abreu J C Paving Ltd Corporate Event

Wanted to say Thank You for a wonderful evening of fun and laughs!!!

And for making our night a big hit!! Had so many people come up to my husband and I and say how much fun they had!!!

It was our pleasure to meet you and have you perform for our staff and would recommend your show 100% as it was fun, new and best part, it was a clean show! Everybody that participated had fun!

Thanks again,

Laura Pidperyhora

Penticton Toyota-Scion

Outstanding show Gavin! So much more than hypnosis was happening. To imagine 250 Grads that have been playing hard all night until 3:00AM, I was thinking you would have no trouble putting each one to sleep. Yet no, the entire audience was still on the edge of their seats to see every moment of what you had going on. Laughing hysterically & gasping with amazement the whole time. I am sure they knew it would be an interesting show going in but they left with wide eyes, more laughter & fantastic stories to tell.
Thanks for being such a spectacular part of our event!

Juli RSS Dry Grad

I have had the pleasure of seeing , dealing and working with Gavin the great hypnotist for a few proms now and he's  been amazing ! The kids request him at every dry grad event at Ballenas Secondary.

He's very personable and can keep the kids entertained throughout his show !

 Totally recommend him for any event ! He's well worth it !!!IMG_0125


“Gavin Hooper has done three shows for us at Globe restaurant at Big White, two for our staff and one for our customers. On all three occasions, he was great to work with, professional, responsive and attentive to details. The shows were really well received on all three occasions, bringing intrigue, laughter and just good old fashioned comedy fun to an engaged and enthusiastically reassured crowd,  for which we had no problems getting volunteers to come forward! Loved dealing with him and would happily do so again!”



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Princess Cruise

We were on the Coral & the Grand everyone really enjoyed your shows. 
There was 6 of us who were traveling together and were all too nervous to come up on stage ha ha, I will next time for sure you didn't make a fool of anyone, Just as you promised.

The California cruise team, Ian.


The show put on by Gavin Hooper, Comedic Hypnotist was absolutely roll on the floor, wet your pants, face splitting funny.  He did an amazing job keeping my guests entertained, in a fun safe atmosphere.  I highly recommend him for any party.  My guests are still raving about the show weeks later and hoping for a repeat performance.

Jamie B

Volker Stevin Highways Ltd

We couldn’t have asked for a better entertainer for our dry grad, comedy hypnotist, Gavin Hooper. He truly is a "Master of imagination!"

Seeing all the intrigued, surprised, and smiling faces of all the grads, parents, and volunteers who watched the show was worth it all.

From laughter to amazement the audience was thoroughly captivated, leaving everyone with memories they won’t soon forget.
I would strongly recommend Gavin Hooper for any grad celebration.

Dry Grad Hypnotist

You were Awesome and a Huge hit. Talked about very much the next day. I wanted to mention that the young man you gave the suggestion to; that he would need to ask you a burning question and then Cody Reveen. Yes, Reveen's grandson. I thought that was quite ironic. He had a really good time.


Helley Conway Yost


HI Gavin - I absolutely enjoyed the show, and can't believe you were able to head off and do another one the same night.  Working with you was a pleasure - you respond quickly to any questions and make absolutely no demands.  I've never laughed so hard as I did that night, and am amazed at the power of hypnosis.  Thank you for an excellent evening, the show was perfect for high school kids and their parents, and there would be no problem bringing younger kids to watch.  I have already recommended you to friends who work in HR in the city.

Thanks again,

"Gavin Hooper was a wonderful addition to our christmas staff party this year. He showed up early and got to know the crowd before the actual show, and had no problem working the room and explaining the process of hypnosis to everyone. He offered a clean yet hilarious experience and made some of the more nervous of the staff warm up quickly to the idea. His show was impeccable and I would truly recommend him for any event where you want people to have a great time and a lot of laughs. 10/10, A++"
I wanted to thank you again for coming out on Saturday. You were amazing 🙂

We invited Gavin this year to entertain at our Christmas Party. Our staff wasn’t sure, in fact reluctant at the thought of a Hypnotist. Gavin was the life of the party, he was professional, entertaining, and absolutely hilarious, and all of us were literally laughing so hard we had tears. What a fabulous time we had, our staff; are still talking about how much fun he was and want him back next year. Gavin made our evening pure fun and relaxing, I would highly recommend him to anyone for any occasion.

Bev Forest - Office Manager

We had Gavin come out for our employee family picnic and one year celebration. We had people from grandparents to parents as well as children. Gavin has a great way to keep it light and fun for everyone. We are still talking about it. Gavin can and will read your audience and ensure a truly memorable event. "We will have him back"

Thom Killingsworth.
Regional Vice President
and General Manager, Four Points by Sheraton Kelowna Airport.

Just wanted to say thank you for the good times at the Illinois State Fair!  I had a great time watching and then participating in your show, and I have photos to prove it - LOL.  I especially liked the clean nature and positive attitude of your show...especially the "you will never drink and drive" affirmation to the young folks on stage.  Good for're helping the planet!

Hope to see you next year,


We absolutely thought you were the highlight of the evening... Thank you so much for putting on what I'd say was one of the best shows I've ever seen. The students have not stopped talking about it, my daughter was the one that wanted the "pony" after winning the lotto!!! she found it to be the most exciting life experience that she's ever had, she described how it felt to be hypnotized and how she remembered everything that went on, the things that impressed her and I the most is the fact that she did not wake up and feel embarrassed about anything that was said or done (great ethics I find most hypnotists base their shows on humiliation sometimes) and two; the message you gave to the students at the end was moving and powerful!! You should be very proud of your business and take pleasure in knowing that without a doubt, that was the most fun that the parents and students have had in a long time or maybe ever!!!

- Lili , Norkam Secondary

The show itself was hilarious and immensely entertaining. I appreciated that you let the kids who did not want to stay up on stage, even though they had initially chosen to be there, leave with dignity. I also noticed that you took great care of watching over all of them. You made sure not one of them fell over or hurt themselves in any way - and you had at least 50 up at one time. I have no idea how one person can control others in this fashion, but good laughter and entertainment was had by all. Even the volunteers were none the worse for it when they were brought out of their hypnotic state.

- Sandy P.

Rutland Senior Secondary had the privilege of having Gavin Hooper as our hypnotist for the evening of Dry Grad. I just want to say that Gavin Hooper was spectacular. He kept everyone entertained and had us laughing for a full hour and a half. If you need a great Hypnotist, ask for Gavin Hooper, you won't be disappointed. Thanks.

- Jan Rauter

On behalf of Fraser Heights Secondary School Dry Grad Committee I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing an entertaining "laugh out loud" professional performance at our Dry Grad on Sunday morning. The students have not stopped talking about what a wonderful show you put on; comments like; "Hilarious", "Unreal", "Amazing", "Incredible" just keep coming. I'm thrilled that we've booked you again for next year and would encourage all Dry Grad Committees to work with you and book early. You are clearly hard working, honest and reliable. Thank you!

- Fraser Heights Secondary School

The grads thoroughly enjoyed your show and according to an e-mail received from the vice principal, your show was the talk of the school on Monday. That says a lot. We parents enjoyed it as well. Our plan was to start the clean up while you performed, but from the start of your show we were hooked. No one started clean up until you were done. We were mesmerized!! Once we confirm a date for next years dry grad we will be booking you in for sure. Thanks for making dry grad so memorable for our grads!!


- Sam, SKSS

Your performance was a highlight of the evening and it was a pleasure to work with you. I would like to thank you for keeping in contact with me during the months prior to our event, responding right away to any questions that I had as well as being flexible to our never ending moving schedule!! Your performance had the audience laughing and enjoying themselves from the start to the end. As a parent I would like to thank you for ending your show as you did, telling the grads hypnotized or not that they will never drink or drive or get in with someone who had been drinking. It was a powerful statement and what a great note to end on. I will definitely recommending you for next years dry grad.

Thank you.

Victoria Bleary

- On behalf of the Ballenas Grads, Victoria Bleaney

Best show ever at RSS Gavin... can you say a ton of students! Thanks for the drinking and driving message as always. You are amazing!!


- Cheryl (the cop in the crowd)

Hi Gavin, I want to thank you for adding the finishing touch to an incredibly awesome evening. The grads were so excited with everything we did that night and your show just took it over the top for them. It was hilarious!! I appreciated that the show was very respectful and included heartfelt memories as well as the fun and jokes. I'd strongly recommend you to others and in fact already have!

- Thanks again, Evelyn, Howe Sound Dry Grad

Hi Gavin, I cannot thank you enough for the amazing show you put on, you were the highlight of the Dry Grad party, and worth every penny! You were respectful of the students that were hypnotized, and yet still very funny. I was standing at the back with a group of kids who were just howling with laughter ( actually all the kids were howling... you did a great job of choosing a variety of kids so that almost everyone in the audience had a connection with at least one of the hypnotized kids ). The part that I will never forget though, is when you got the kids to hold onto their dreams (still tearing up thinking about it ), I had expected to laugh, but I had not expected to feel so incredibly grateful to you for acknowledging their hopes and plans on such an important night. I would highly recommend you! You kept over 200 highschool teenagers entertained for over an hour and a half, and gave them some incredible memories to take home with them, thank you so much Gavin!

PS: As the parent who booked you, I also want to thank you for your prompt replies to emails and questions! You were very helpful and clear about what you needed. Thanks again!

- Lucy Hylkema, Cowichan Senior Secondary

There is nothing I can say about Gavin Hooper's exceptional show except, 'WOW!!!!' The kids had clearly heard about this, as this comedic hypnotist was #1 on their wish list and I can clearly see why.

From the get-go, Gavin had the kids and the adults hooked. As he selected his line up of participants, one young man came up to me and said, 'Several of those kids are not even grads; it's not fair.' Unaware of Gavin's plans, I responded, "just try to have some fun; you'll get your turn". And then magically, as if Gavin was privvy to this conversation, he asked how many of the line up were grads and promptly, yet tactfully removed the non-graduating participants. I knew then we were in for something magical.

I don't pretend to understand hypnosis and until this night, was even skeptical but I know these kids. They would never take directions from a sock monkey, shave with a window cleaner (see photo gallery) or dance the Chicken Dance and yet, here they were in front of all their peers doing all this and more. These kids are not actors; they could not have possibly known how to fly a space ship through rocky layers of atmosphere or hold onto dreams with the passion.

They were so under his spell and yet, never, not once told to do anything undignified or tasteless. The entire evening was one jaw-dropping instant after another chalked block full of humour.

It was such an honour to finally witness this show for myself and experience what all the fuss is about. Hire Gavin again? You betcha! I have already reccommended Gavin Hooper to many because I want to see him again and again. Don't hesitate - book now - or risk being disappointed.

- Carrie Powell-Davidson, Entertainment Chair, Ballenas Prom/Dry Grad

The feedback I got from everyone I spoke with was FANTASTIC, they could not stop talking about it, even the next day.

I have received phone calls to let me know how much fun was had, and they want to know when will be the next time we're doing this event?

As for me, someone that did not want to be hypnotized, but ended up in hypnosis, lol I'm happy to say, I feel amazing. That was my first hypnotic experience. I want to thank you so much for making our event so much fun, fun, fun. You will be talked about, for a long time.

- Claudia, Kamloops Fundraiser

The participants of the 24 Hour Relay were enthralled by Gavin's performance. Past participants were very excited to hear that Gavin was returning for another performance and it showed by the number who came to watch. Of the evening's entertainment Gavin had the largest audience, but who wouldn't want to watch their team mates do fun things like dance with chairs. It is so heart warming to receive the charitable support and fabulous entertainment provided by Gavin Hooper. Thank you.

- Miriam, K., Special Events Co-ordinator, Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs

Hi Gavin, thank you for making the trip all the way to Whistler ! We all had a fantastic time. I laughed so hard. Your show was so very entertaining. You treated everyone with care and respect and the audience was amazed at the effect you had on the participants. I spoke to many people after who said they had no idea how much fun it was going to be and how they wouldnt believe it if they didnt see if for themselves.

I would love to have you come do another show and would recommend you to anyone anytime.

- All the best, Sherry Baker

It is obvious that Gavin is a true professional, as he very quickly develops a close rapport with the audience, and takes them all on an incredible, unforgettable journey.

Hooper entertained us by putting on a show that was hilarious, witty and in taste. He was dynamic and professional right from the start, amazing the audience from the beginning to the end of his show. Hooper had an excellent rapport with his volunteers and demonstrated creativity as well as versatility in his show. He left the participants as well as the audience with a lasting impression of good feelings and lightheartedness.

Gavin contributed greatly to the success of the evening. His show was very funny and was appropriate for the whole audience, which included both adults and children. He treated his volunteers with respect while continuing to provide a very entertaining evening for everyone.

“Gavin recently entertained for us at the Edward Jones Holiday Party in Seattle. He was terrific. People are still talking about it. He was professional and fun.”

I would highly recommend Gavin Hooper for guaranteed, good-time entertainment. Gavin obviously enjoys his job. He has a warm, inviting manner which is a natural draw for the audience to want to take part in the fun. Every person at our two Christmas Parties had a great time.

You can win over even the toughest audience 🙂 Thanks for a great evening of fun entertainment. I especially liked the superwoman routine, we all roared with laughter. At first I was a doubter but when so many people were hypnotized and joined you onstage I became a believer! You definitely know how to put on a great show!

- Sara M., Coordinator of Volunteers

Gavin Hooper’s show provided us with a very entertaining evening. He was extremely charismatic, funny and at all times respectful to those he was hypnotizing, I would definitely recommend him for entertaining at your function.

- Vida

Thank you so much for being our Entertainment for this years Social Committee Banquet! Everyone enjoyed your performance – they were really impressed – “Best Party in 19 years!” Inviting you was truly the best decision I made for the entire party. I’ve heard only extremely positive comments regarding the show and everyone had an awesome time. I was really tired after the hectic week and wow – talk about relaxing!!

Now that was fun! Over the years, I have been involved with organizing the last dozen or so AGM’s and I’d say the show you put on was one of the best. From all accounts the evening was a total success with everyone who attended only have good things to say about the show. Thank you for making our evening memorable.

Many, many thanks for a wonderful evening. I have had nothing but positive feedback from my clients and friends regarding the evening, and in particular, your show. You kept your word about being utterly professional and tasteful while being hysterically funny – just what I was looking for. Many people have commented that they would like to hire you for their own corporate events.

- Sheila O’Brien

Mumbai India: Black & White Unbelong once again stepped into the unknown to explore an ‘imaginary’ world. Mumbai experienced a new state of consciousness with Gavin Hooper, a renowned professional comedic hypnotist who not only left the crowd enthused for more cerebral adventure but also left them exhilarated after an evening of entertainment.

- Namrta Malik

Princess Cruise.

Gavin Hooper was funny, and professional. We’ve seen lots of hypnotists in our travels, but Gavin gets right into your mind in a good way with great positive suggestions. He was wonderful, I'll be looking for him on our next cruises.

- Denise H

Super Show A+++ Very entertaining and funny without putting anyone down. Bring him back.

- Russ & Patricia E.

We were thrilled to have Gavin join our Canada Day events roster. The show in the Market Square courtyard was a huge hit with people of all ages! Gavin’s show was fascinating, highly entertaining, and a very welcome addition to the Day’s events. Thanks again Gavin!”

Gavin Hooper is a true comedic genius whose hypnotic talent is conducted in a very professional non-threatening manner and who truly believes in the positive power of the mind. Not only is he very personable and enthusiastic, but he has a way of smoothly easing the crowd in and then delivering a non-stop laughing show. His show is one that we will be raving about for a long time to come and we will definitely be making plans to invite him again for future events. Thank you Gavin!

- McLeod Lake Indian Band

Thank you so much for performing at the Arlington Pharmacy holiday party. Everyone absolutely enjoyed the show and your great sense of humor; you were the topic of conversation for weeks afterwards!

Your show introduction and your assurances not to humiliate anyone definitely set everyone at ease and paved the way for an entertaining, fun-filled evening.

As a meeting planner, I appreciate that I can count on you to delight any audience and you have done so every time that I have hired you. Thank you and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

- Kerry Munnich

“Gavin Hooper gave a first class performance to our community. His show was professional and extremely well put together. There is no better way for healing, like there is in laughter; which there was plenty of. Two thumbs up.”

- Bobbi

We have always strived to make the Annual Christmas party one of the highlights for our crew. They work hard for us all year and we try to entice everyone to attend so that we can say “thanks” for their efforts. It’s really a challenge to try and outdo ourselves from year to year but we seem to find a way.

We just experienced one of our finest Christmas parties ever. The hypnotic experience you delivered was really a blast, for the crowd and for the participants. We would not hesitate for a moment to say that hiring you was one of our more brilliant moves. On behalf of all of our employees and the guests in attendance, thank you very much for a night that will long be remembered.

Our guys and their guests will be talking about this experience for a long time… likely right into next Christmas.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, don’t hesitate to drop in and say hi. Thanks again for a GREAT night. Good luck.

- Bob Vincent and Ted McDowall, Principals

“The show was awesome. Gavin had the whole place in tears. You made our event better than we could have imagined. Also dealing with Archery people, your positive input on focusing on the target was great. I had people come to me the next day saying they focused on the target better and shot their best rounds. Thanks again, I would recommend you for any event.”

- Kevin Reimer

“I would like to thank you on behalf of Bird Construction for an entertaining and professional show you performed for our Christmas party. Our employees and guests enjoyed themselves for the fun show. Everyone had a fabulous time and we received wonderful feedback and I would recommend you for prospective future events.”

- Carmen Ip, Office Manager

“We have had numerous hypnotists at the Illinois State Fair throughout the years, but never one as talented and entertaining as Gavin Hooper. His shows are humorous, family friendly and were always filled to capacity. We are delighted to have already contracted him again for our  Fair.”

- Amy Bliefnick, Manager

Gavin Hooper came to the River City Ford Christmas party and was the hit of the night! The show was a huge success and everyone had a great time. There have been talks of having him come back next year. Thank you Gavin!

- Debbie

We hired Gavin Hooper for our Entertainment for our Holiday Party. At first, people were a little reluctant and didn’t seem to like the idea too well. However, the night of the event was a complete success! Mr. Hooper was extremely professional and ran a good clean show, just as he said he would. The entire audience was laughing throughout the show; And as part of our Social Committee, the compliments we received on booking Mr. Hooper were unbelievable. Comments like “best party ever and please get him again next year.” So I would highly recommend this for anyone’s company function.

- Karen D

Gavin Hooper entertained for our annual dinner, and did a fantastic job. His show was hilarious and always in good taste. Afterwards I received many comments about it being the best Installation dinner ever. I would recommend Gavin for any type of event or group.

- Rob Langford Vice Commodore

Thanks so much for a great night, everyone enjoyed themselves, and particularly your act. I found you to be totally entertaining, professional, and engaging, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a hypnotist for a corporate event or Christmas Party.

- Denise Prigmore RPR – Staffing Liaison – International

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