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Gavin Hooper is The Fun Hypnotist


skeptic |skeptik| (Brit. sceptic) noun 1. a person inclined to question or doubt all accepted opinions; 2. Philosophy an ancient or modern philosopher who denies the possibility of knowledge, or even rational belief, in some sphere.

Hypnosis is like Gravity…
whether you believe in it or not – it works!

hypnosis showsBefore my hypnosis shows, I’ve had people tell me they don’t believe in Hypnosis, and to that I say “No worries, you don’t have to.” I explain that hypnosis is like watching a really good movie, you suspend your beliefs for a period of time and enjoy the show, or you keep telling yourself “That’s fake” and never get to enjoy a show? The choice is always yours. (Note: keeping yourself in a state of disbelief is still a form of Hypnosis, it’s just not an enjoyable, positive one)

During my hypnosis shows, I’m not trying to change people’s beliefs on stage, simply suspend them. I’m here to entertain, to give people a chance to experience a little of what hypnosis can offer, laugh out loud and say Wow! And, I do all of this very well.

Why Choose Gavin Hooper?

Hooper is one of the most ethical Hypnotists in the business. He keeps it clean with just a touch of mild adult innuendo at times, but no-one will be asked to get naked or have sex with a chair or be asked to give up any  personal information or secrets (FYI: hypnosis doesn’t work like that anyway) and yes everyone will be able to look each other in the eyes the next day, although you may notice more smiles, hear more laughter than usual and that’s because everyone enjoyed all the Stars of the show.  For Hooper the Fun Hypnotist it’s always been about creating positive emotions and boosting the confidence in everyone.  Yes Hooper is truly one of the good guys.

If you’re looking for entertainment that is truly unique, Gavin Hooper’s Comedy Hypnosis Shows will have your friends and colleagues raving about it long after the show. With more than 25 years of experience and hundreds of shows under his belt, Gavin is an outstanding Comedy Hypnotist! Performances are tailored to meet the needs of the client or company. Guaranteed to be humorous and captivating. Please note:  Gavin is not a night club act although he’d be happy to give your club patrons a great show too, however, please keep in mind that Hooper does not offer “X” or “R” rated shows.  There is of course a little fun mild adult innuendo… How better to demonstrate to clients, staff or good friends your superb taste in entertainment than providing an experience they will never forget! Check out the Top 10 Reasons why you should hire Gavin Hooper to entertain at your event.

Will Hypnosis Shows Work with My Event?

Yes! It will work with whatever event you’re planning – Corporate Events, Dry Grads, Fundraisers, Conventions, Conferences, Christmas Parties Office & Holiday Parties / Events, Customer and/or Staff Appreciation Parties, Cruise Ships, Festivals and Fairs, Team Building Events, Frosh Week, AGM, Award Parties, and Retreats. Gavin will provide a relaxed and friendly, yet professional environment, customized to YOUR specific needs.

What does it cost?

Gavin Hooper Professional Comedy Hypnotist rates depend upon a few factors such as time of the year, and location. October thru December can be more costly as Christmas and other company Holiday parties will be taking place and weekends are in high demand.  Special rates are available for weekday bookings (Sunday – Thursday) Booking your date three (3) plus months in advance can save money as well.  Other factors to consider are travel / distance to your event, (driving v.s flying) what equipment is supplied and what will Gavin be required to supply.

Hypnotist Gavin Hooper’s rates range from $1800 to $6500 (tax where applicable)  Stage Hypnosis shows are typically 60 minutes in length, however 90 minute and longer performances are available depending on your budget and time constraints.

“If you think it’s costly hiring a professional, just wait until you hire and amateur” 

We can also supply dinner or dance music for your function.   Would you like pre show dinner music and post show dance music? no problem, just ask about this at the time of booking.

Do you need other forms of entertainment besides the amazing hypnotist Hooper, such as a comedian, strolling magician, caricaturist  etc?  This too can be arranged.

Travel and Accommodations maybe extra,  taxes (if applicable) are not included.

youth hypnosis showsHow Soon Should I Book a Show?

It is a great idea to book as soon as possible, especially near or around major holidays and weekends this way you don’t miss out and have to settle for someone else.

How Do I Book a Show?

Simply send us an email or call us toll free at 1-877-3 HOOPER (346-6737) or use our handy online booking form to get the process started right away. Call us no one will ever pressure you.

Things you should do after booking comedy stage hypnotist Gavin Hooper

  • It’s very important to let everyone know that Hooper the Fun Hypnotist will be the entertainment.
  • Comedy stage hypnosis relies on people who are ready and willing to experience the wonderful state of hypnosis, and this means allow some time for people to process the idea.
  • Going from a good show to a Fantastic show requires enthusiastic people, who want to participate – volunteers are of course the main ingredient for live, interactive stage shows such as this.

Building Excitement

  • People will always have questions, “Who’s going to get hypnotized?” “Can I be hypnotized”? And so many more. I will go over these and other questions before the show. I want people to get involved and truly enjoy themselves. My promise to you,  I will not ever humiliate anyone – that’s just not funny or professional.


  • Do as much as you can, whether an office party or a huge event; promotion is important. It will build excitement, raise curiosity and questions not to mention create excitment.  Check out my Media Kit for posters and other promotional items.

On the night of the performance just sit back… Relax, and get ready for a hysterical evening of fun and laughter.

Laughter truly is the best medicine!

Book Hooper now... and ...we’ll add an additional 30 mins to your show for free!