Hypnosis is my dream.

Hypnosis is my dream.

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Working as a Professional Comedy Hypnotist has always been and continues to be a dream of mine.

Hypnosis is like any other profession it requires, knowledge and skill, the only way to get those things is through training, practice and time. A question I’m asked a lot is “How did I become so good at it?

My answer is proper training, plenty of practice and great people skills. (with emphasis on training and practice)

It’s true you can learn the basics of hypnosis or how to hypnotize people in a weekend course, or other methods (it’s not rocket science) you may even get lucky a few times and hypnotize large groups of people – getting them to do some funny things on a stage, but without learning and knowing the how’s, what’s, and why’s of what’s really going on; your luck will eventually run out. I’ve seen this happen over and over.

Entertaining and being a professional entertainer…that’s an entirely different thing.

Life is Good!

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  1. Yes Hypnosis require only time to cure any problem, I enjoyed a lot, while watching your video. thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts.

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