Hooper’s response to Covid-19

Gavin Hooper is The Fun Hypnotist

COVID 19 and hypnosis shows. The good the bad and the ugly.

My hypnosis shows have always been a wonderful way for people to connect create joy,  build positive memories and relationships. This will continue although it may look somewhat different for a while.

A few things you need to know,

Before anyone arrives on-stage seating will have been sanitized, They’ll be fewer chairs for volunteers and more space between each one but a great show will still be the result.Hypnotist Hooper response to COVID

No props such as hats, microphones, beachballs, etc will be used or handled by more than one person if at all.

No virus can limit our imaginations, and the mind is where all the real magic happens.

Hand sanitizer will be available and used by each participant joining me on stage no volunteers will be touching one another.

I may have to limit the number of people invited to the stage, but we don’t have to limit how much fun, laughter, and enjoyment we get out of the hypnosis show or event.

I’m currently offering private on-line sessions, if you’re experiencing any negative thoughts or feeling around this Covid19, or for something else please contact me with your name and phone number to set up an appointment. All sessions are 100% confidential.

The good:
For the first in history, the entire world is united, working in unison to find a cure.
The earth is receiving a much-needed coffee break.
We will get through this and realize how strong we can be when we work together.

The bad:
We’re are not free to move around or travel.
We’re unable to be more social at the moment. i.e (shaking hands, hugging friends sitting close to one another)
It takes time to create a vaccine.

The Ugly:
People are afraid to walk past other people.
People are out of work. (hang in there)
Social distancing helps flatten the curve but creates future fears of closeness. (this too shall pass) I love to meet people.

My goals are still the same for everyone, to create joy, laughter and positive memories to have people feeling better and happier than when they first arrived at a show

Please contact me for show bookings in 2020 and beyond.
Stay healthy stay safe!

Gavin Hooper
The Fun Hypnotist

Making life way more fun! 🙂

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