Comedy Hypnotist Schedule Canada & USA

Gavin Hooper is The Fun Hypnotist

So you’re looking for a fabulous Comedy Stage Hypnotist and an amazing entertainer for your event, Yet it appears the date you want may already be taken?  Give us a call anyway, as dates can and do move around, change or groups can be flexible with enough notice. Hooper The Fun Hypnotist (Gavin Hooper) will do everything he can to accommodate your schedule. Gavin offers a 100% money back guarantee on his shows so you can book with total confidence.

Hiring entertainment is a little like buying a car, you can purchase a Kia or a Mercedes… But one guarantees you’ll arrive in style.  

Make sure to Give us a Call, or E-mail as our calendar may not be completely updated at all times

*Hooper The Fun Hypnotist 2019 Show Schedule for Canada & USA*

January 19th  Corporate Event – Sherwood Park- Alberta

January 26th Corporate Event- Kelowna –British Columbia

February 9th (2 AM) – Abbottsford Dry Grad (DAG) Event- British Columbia.

February 13th UBCO Students Event Kelowna- Britsh Columbia (Tentitve)

February 23rd  – Shuswap The Scotch Creek Hub- British Columbia.

March 2nd- Private Party- Langley- British Columbia

May 3rd (9 PM)  Abbotsford Dry Grad (DAG) Event – British Columbia.

May 25 (3 AM) Coquitlam Dry Grad (DAG) Event – British Columbia.

June 2nd (1 AM) Vancouver Island – Dry Grad (DAG) Event-British Columbia.

June 9th (2 AM) Surrey – Dry Grad (DAG) Event-British Columbia 

June 14th into (morning of 15th)  3 AM – Dry Grad ( DAG) Event- British Columbia

June 15th at (9 PM ) Squamish – Dry Grad (DAG) Event- British Columbia

June 18 at (12AM) Okanagan Dry Grad (DAG) Event  –British Columbia

June 20th (3 AM) Grad Victoria Dry Grad  (DAG) Event-British Columbia 

June 21st at (8 PM & 11 PM) Dry Grad (DAG) Event-British Columbia 

June 27th (2 AM) Richmond – Dry Grad (DAG) Event-British Columbia. 

June 28 (2 AM)  Vancouver Island Dry Grad (DAG) Event- British Columbia

June 30 (11 PM)  Vancouver Island Dry Grad (DAG) Event- British Columbia

December 14th Salmon Arm  Corporate Event- British Columbia




*Hooper The Fun Hypnotist 2018 Show Schedule for Canada & USA*

January 12th Corporate Conference Event- Kamloops-British Columbia 

January 25th Conference Event- Kelowna –British Columbia 

February 9th &10th Corporate Event – Montana (Timing)

February 22nd Whistler- Fundraising Event- British Columbia 

April 6th at (1 AM)   Abbotsford- Dry Grad Event- British Columbia

April 22 Sioux Falls South Dakota (Timing)

May 19th at (1 AM) Abbotsford- Dry Grad Event-British Columbia

May 26th (3 AM) Pitt Meadows – Dry Grad Event- British Columbia

June 3rd (2 AM) Vancouver Island- Dry Grad Event – British Columbia 

June 10th at (3 AM) Surrey –  Dry Grad Event-British Columbia

June 15th   (3 AM)  Kelowna – Dry Grad Event-British Columbia

June 16th at ( 7 PM ) Squamish – Dry Grad Event- British Columbia

June 16th (2 AM) Mapleridge – Dry Grad Event- British Columbia

June 19th at (1 AM) Okanagan- Dry Grad Event- British Columbia 

June 22nd at (11 PM) Vancouver Island – Dry Grad Event- British Columbia

June 23rd at (11 PM) Kamloops – Dry Grad Event- British Columbia

June 29th at (2 AM) Vancouver Island – Dry Grad Event-British Columbia

July 25th Capital Exhibition Edmonton (K-Days)  Edmonton Alberta

July 26th Capital Exhibition Edmonton (K-Days) Edmonton Alberta

July 27th Capital Exhibition Edmonton (K-Days) Edmonton Alberta

July 28th Capital Exhibition Edmonton (K-Days) Edmonton Alberta

July 29th Capital Exhibition Edmonton (K-Days) Edmonton Alberta

August 2nd Speaking @ EWU New Student Transitions and Parent Programs Spokane Washington  (Timing)

September 13th Corporate Event Vibrant Vines Kelowna Britsh Columbia.

October 24th UBC Students Event Kelowna- Britsh Columbia

November 24th Corporate Christmas Party Edmonton Alberta

November 30th (11 PM) Grad Party Event Abbottsford- Britsh Columbia

December 4th Corporate Christmas Party Squamish BC

December 7th Corporate Christmas Party Edmonton Alberta

December 8th Corporate Christmas Party Penticton Britsh Columbia

December 22nd 7:30 PM Public Event Big White Britsh Columbia.

December 22nd 11 PM Private Corporate Event Big White Britsh Columbia

December  still time to book your date and have a great Hypnosis Show


*Hooper The Fun Hypnotist 2017 Show Schedule for Canada & USA*

January 4th Corporate Event – British Columbia 

January 14th Corporate Event- Agassiz- British Columbia

January 20th Corporate Event- Calgary-Alberta

January 27th Abbotsford  Corporate Event – British Columbia

March 8th Big White Resort corporate event-  Kelowna – British Columbia

April 22nd   Winnipeg – Corporate event – Manitoba

April 26th to 30th  – Vancouver- British Columbia

May 12th Friday – Abbotsford – Dry Grad Event- British Columbia

May 13th Saturday – Mission – Corporate Event-British Columbia

May 19th on Friday at (1 AM) Abbotsford- Dry Grad Event- British Columbia 

May 27th Saturday at (3 AM) Vancouver – Dry Grad Event-British Columbia

June 4th on Saturday at (3 AM) Surrey- Dry Grad Event- British Columbia

June 10th on Saturday at (3 AM) Coquitlam-Dry Grad Event-British Columbia 

June 17th Saturday at (9 PM) Whistler -Dry Grad Event-British Columbia

June 18th on Saturday at (3 AM) Vancouver – Dry Grad Event –British Columbia

June 20th on Tuesday at (1 AM) Armstrong – Dry Grad Event –British Columbia

June 22nd on Thursday at (3 AM) Langley Dry Grad Event-British Columbia

June 23rd  Friday Hirsch Creek Bar & Grill – Kitimat- British Columbia 

June 24th on Saturday at (2 AM) Dry Grad Event – Kitimat- British Columbia

June 25th on Sunday at (3 AM) Dry Grad Event – Delta- British Columbia

June 30th Friday at (2 AM)  Dry Grad Event -Vancouver Island-British Columbia

August 8th to 20th  State Fair Springfield Illinois (Timing)

Aug 25th to Sept 5th State Fair Du Quoin Illinois (Timing)

September 15th Thursday Collins Barrow Conference Victoria – British Columbia

October 28th Saturday Merritt Centennials Ice Breaker- Merritt – British Columbia

November 9th Thursday Public welcome  Big White – British Columbia

November 18th Saturday  Corporate Chrismas party – Calgary – Alberta

December 2rd Saturday Corporate Christmas party – Winnipeg Manitoba

December 3rd Sunday Corporate Christmas party- Blind Bay – British Columbia

December 8th Friday Corporate Christmas party- Chilliwack – British Columbia

December 9th Saturday Corporate Christmas party- Vernon – British Columbia

December 15th Friday Corporate Chrismas party – Abbotsford -British Columbia

December 16th Saturday Corporate Chrismas party – Kelowna -British Columbia


*Hooper The Fun Hypnotist 2016 Show Schedule for Canada & USA*

January 28th Thursday,  Big White – British Columbia

January 29th Friday, Abbotsford- British Columbia

February 9th Tuesday  to 12 Friday Calgary – Alberta

February 13th Saturday Edmonton -Alberta

March 8th Tuesday Vernon- British Columbia

April 16th Saturday Haida Gwaii – British Columbia

April 27th Wednesday (afternoon)  Kelowna – British Columbia

April 30th Saturday Delia – Alberta- Fundraiser

May 2nd Monday Kelowna – British Columbia

May 9th Monday West Kelowna – British Columbia

May 13th Friday, Abbotsford –British Columbia  

May 27th Friday (early evening private party) Mission –British Columbia

May 27th Friday (3 AM) Dry Grad- Vancouver –British Columbia

May 28th Saturday (4 AM) Dry Grad- Burnaby –British Columbia  

June 4th Saturday Queen Charlottes – British Columbia 

June 9th Thursday Big White – British Columbia 

June 10th Friday (3 AM) Dry Grad- Maple Ridge – British Columbia

June 13th Monday (3 AM)Dry Grad- Armstrong – British Columbia  

June 17th Friday, (3 AM) Dry Grad- Kelowna –British Columbia  

June 18th Saturday, (10.PM) Dry Grad – Squamish- British Columbia

June 18th Saturday, (3 AM) Dry Grad -Surrey – British Columbia

June 22nd Wednesday, (3 AM) Dry Grad- Cowichan –  British Columbia

June 23rd Thursday,  (3 AM)  Dry Grad- New Westminster – British Columbia

June 24th Friday (2 AM) Dry Grad- Kitimat –British Columbia 

June 25th Saturday (12 AM) Dry Grad- Kelowna – British Columbia 

June 25th Saturday (3 AM) Dry Grad- Kelowna – British Columbia

June 26th Sunday (4 AM)  Dry Grad-Vancouver – British Columbia 

July 2nd Saturday (2 AM) Dry Grad- Parksville –British Columbia 

July 7th  Thursday,  Edward Jones Event – Kananaskis- Alberta

July 17th Sunday, Four Points Sheraton  Event- Kelowna- British Columbia 

July 29th Friday,  Corporate Event- Jamestown – North Dakota  (Timing)

August 9th travel day Tuesday day .

August 10 Wednesday  Keynote event  Chicago Illinois,

August 11th – 21st  Illinois State Fair – Springfield Illinois  (Timing)

August 22nd to 26th traveling. Illinois, Nashville Tennessee, St. Louis Missouri

August 27th  through September 5th –  Du Quan State Fair- Du Quoin, Illinois  (Timing)

September 6th Tuesday Travel day.

September 8th Chilliwack- British Columbia

September 30th Vancouver Island -Pauquachin Nation –British Columbia

October 8th  Corporate event- Crowsnest Pass –  British Columbia

November 20th Sunday- Corporate event – Burnaby- British Columbia

November 24th Thursday – School event – Trail – British Columbia

December 16th Friday – Corporate event- Victoria –British Columbia

December 17th Saturday – Corporate event- Grand Prairie –Alberta




*Hooper The Fun Hypnotist 2015 Show Schedule Canada & USA*

January 2-3 Edmonton – Alberta

January 23-24 Abbotsford – British Columbia

January 30-31 Abbotsford -British Columbia

January 9 Friday,  Minot – North Dakota.

January 15-16 Seattle – Washington

February 14 Saturday,  Kamloops -British Columbia

February 15-18 Las Vegas – Nevada

February 27-28 Prince George – British Columbia

March 19 Thursday, Kelowna – British Columbia 

March 21 -22 Coquitlam – British Columbia – Keynote speaking event

April 11 Saturday, Winnipeg – Manitoba 

April 12 Sunday,  Petersburg – North Dakota

April 17-18 Calgary – Alberta

April 24 Friday, Abbotsford – British Columbia

April 30 Thursday, Kelowna -British Columbia

May 3-4 Edmonton – Alberta

May 5 Tuesday, Kelowna -British Columbia

May 8 Friday, Whistler – British Columbia

May 9 Saturday, Abbotsford – British Columbia

May 11 Monday, Calgary – Alberta

May 30 Saturday, (3AM) MapleRidge – British Columbia

June 6 Saturday, (3AM) MapleRidge – British Columbia

June 7 (12AM) – Coquitlam- British Columbia

June 7 Sunday, (3AM) Surrey – British Columbia

June 13 Saturday, (3AM) Kelowna – British Columbia

June 14 Sunday, (3AM) Squamish – British Columbia

June 19 Friday, Kitimat – British Columbia

June 23 Tuesday, Armstrong – British Columbia

June 25 Thursday, (2AM) Cowichan – British Columbia

June 26 Friday, (early afternoon) Kamloops – British Columbia

June 28 Sunday, (2AM) Parksville – British Columbia

July 1 (Canada day) Calgary – Alberta  

July 7 Tuesday- Vancouver- British Columbia  Keynote- Motivation event

August 2 Sunday- Kelowna British Columbia

August 7 Friday – Kamloops British Columbia

Sept 11 Friday –  Casino – Calgary Alberta

Sept 27 Sunday, West Vancouver- British Columbia

Sept 28 Monday, Victoria –British Columbia

October 19 Monday, Kamloops British Columbia

October 23 Friday, Fundraiser Salmon Arm – British Columbia  

November 7 Saturday, – Edmonton Alberta

November 21 Saturday, Penticton – British Columbia 

November 27 ( afternoon event)  Friday, Vancouver-British Columbia  

November 28 Saturday, Prince George – British Columbia

December 5 Saturday, Castlegar -British Columbia

December 6 Sunday, Kelowna – British Columbia

December 11 Friday, Edmonton – Alberta

December 12 Friday, Edmonton – Alberta

December 18 Friday, Stettler –  Alberta

December 19 Saturday, Vancouver –British Columbia

December 22 Tuesday, Kamloops –British Columbia

December 25 Friday Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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