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Gavin Hooper is The Fun Hypnotist

PayPal logoMaster Hypnotist Gavin Hooper, produces CDs / Mp3 that are not your run of the mill, mainstream hypnotic scripts. Each one touches on some aspect of the effect of social conditioning that has placed limitations upon us all, and helps you to recognize and remove these limitations on the way to overcoming your particular challenge.

All CDs are professionally recorded and produced for a crisp clear sound that allows you to easily enter into a comfortable, and change-oriented hypnotic state of mind.

My wife and I have really benefited from your relaxation disc. Its great after a long day, and at times acts as a light switch for my wife. Hope all is well and Best Wishes.
– Terry, NY

True relaxation Self Hypnosis CDTrue Relaxation

total session length 33:02 min.

One of the best CDs you can own! True Relaxation allows you to unwind and let go of daily tensions and stresses before they can build up, quickly placing you in a healthier state of mind, while allowing you to slow down and collect your thoughts. Demands on your time from family, work, and friends can often wind you up very tightly. Take this opportunity to create a place of “True Relaxation” for yourself!

$18.95   $16.75
+ $3.00 S&H
(plus applicable sales tax(es) where required by law)

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Confidence Self-HypnosisConfidence You Already Own

total length 27:44 min.

A powerful CD that draws you to a place where you can allow your old patterns of behavior to disappear, and let new patterns arise that will quickly create and build upon whatever confidence you already hold within you. This will allow you to feel and act the way you choose within any situation.

$18.95   $16.75
+ $3.00 S&H
(plus applicable sales tax(es) where required by law)

Firm Decisison Self Hypnosis CDFirm Decision Now

This CD offers an exciting way to look at weight control along with some new and unusual ideas/suggestions that may help in removing excess weight safely. Allow the positive different ideas and suggestions contained in this CD to sink deep into your subconscious mind.

This is not something you’ve heard before, so at first blush it may sound strange to you; listen to it with an open mind – you may gain a new way to look at yourself and the beliefs you hold while removing some unwanted weight.

$20.95   $18.75
+ $3.00 S&H
(plus applicable sales tax(es) where required by law)

All Self Hypnosis CD'sor get all 3 CDs for $44.50
Includes True Relaxation, Confidence You Already Own & Firm Decision Now

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Each time you listen to the CDs you will automatically allow yourself to reach a more deeply relaxed state where the suggestions given to the subconscious mind become even more powerful and effective for you!

While in this state of relaxation/hypnosis, situations requiring your immediate attention will bring you instantly awake, alert, aware and able to function normally.

Hypnosis is not mind control. There is absolutely no danger you will not come out of hypnosis!

CAUTION: Never listen to these or other hypnosis CDs while driving or when performing any other action that requires your full attention.