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Hypnosis CD’s on sale – Get your’s today.

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April 4th 2011 – Self Hypnosis CD’s on sale!

Make a Firm Decision Now to Remove some Weight – Find the Confidence you already own- or take some time to unwind and recharge yourself from the inside out with True Relaxation. For a limited time all three CDs are on sale.

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Hypnosis CDs

Relax, feel great about yourself, shed some weight

I’ve had such a good response to my “Firm Decision Now” CD (for weight removal) that I thought I’d mention the other CD’s that are currently available. My “True Relaxation” CD will help to remove all that unwanted tension and daily stress from your life, it can assist you in getting that great nights sleep you…
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February 26, 2011 0

Great Comments / Great Performance… What Great People.

I want to thank everyone for the great comments you left for me with the Cruise Directors aboard the Coral, the Grand and the Sapphire Princess; as well as the ones you’ve sent me directly. A special thanks to Bill and Linda Patterson for the wonderful pictures (seen here) taken at my show aboard The Coral Princess. (Mexico,…
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FIRM DECISION NOW – CD “For a healthier life style” Have you tried almost everything to get rid of excess weight? Time for a Firm Decision…. Now – CD Weight removal and control is not simply about food intake or calories, there are many things to take into consideration. My latest CD “FIRM DECISION NOW”…
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December 23, 2010 0

Television A Deep Hypnotic Trance

Television would be much more useful tool if it were designed to spread positive thoughts & ideas, but that’s not how it’s used. Spike recently aired a show called “Conceal and Carry” a gun show aimed at protecting yourself from the bad guys. Every commercial was, guns, cheap ammo and where to get them. The don’t…
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November 20, 2010 1

Want a FREE Kodak Play Sport Video Camera?

Great times and really silly things should be remembered forever right? So I’d like to offer you a way to do just that. Hire me Gavin Hooper for your office/company party and I’ll give you a Free Kodak Play Sport Video Camera when I arrive, what you do with it after that is up to…
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October 23, 2010 0

Dry Grad Season is closing in again.

Dry Grad season is a few months away, yet that’s still pretty close if your the one responsible for booking the entertainment. School / PAC’s  are calling me now with there date requests, which is a great idea especially since so many grads are being held on the same night. Now if I’m booked for the…
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September 28, 2010 0

Formal Night… (James Bond & Miss Money Penny) great….

I thought I’d better offer up an update for anyone who’s looking in.  Working as professional comedic hypnotist isn’t all fun and games you know…well it mostly is, but of course there is a good deal of behind the scenes work too, like staying on top of marketing, contacting past and present clients, refining the…
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Comedy Stage Hypnotist Gavin Hooper- Thanks for all your help

Thanks Everyone Finally I have a moment to thank everyone who helped me with the redesign of my website, with a multitude of emails back and forth to everyone, always asking the same questions “How does this look?  How does it feel to you? and does it say I’m a professional?” I’m sure I drove…
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