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Corporate Comedy Hypnotist Shows

Looking for great entertainment, something that’s fun and company appropriate? If so book Hooper The Fun Hypnotist for your Company’s Entertainment. The shows are clean (of course) allowing everyone to feel comfortable with the idea of volunteering. Gavin is more than happy to include something that is company specific. A message, an idea, a goal, the possibilities are endless.Would you like a talk before the show? Gavin can do that too, he has several topics to choose from, and all with the well-being of humans in mind.


Inspirational Hypnotic Entertainment

Gavin will get everyone moving, thinking and having fun while demonstrating how to instantly change your state and put more positive energy into a conference or company gathering. Meetings are an essential part of any business they to help determine direction, goals and targets that need to be met, and that requires energy, as well as being open to new ideas.

Fundraiser Comedy Hypnosis Shows

The Fun Hypnotist offers discounts to schools and groups looking to raise money for things such as, dry grads, uniforms, iPads or if your group is helping to feed people, build homes, dig wells or anything else that’s making this an even better world.


Dry Grad Comedy Hypnosis Shows

The last official school event where all the students are gathered in one place, and are allowed to let loose in the most positive of atmospheres to have an exciting, safe and fun filled evening. CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who participates in this wonderful event – from the parents who take the time and effort to arrange it all – to the Grad students who have made a wise choice by having a Dry Graduation and not drinking.

comedy hypnotist entertainer
Corporate Comedy Hypnotist & Motivational Entertainer

★ Mesmerizing ★ Hilarious ★ Outrageous

An Unparalleled Comedy Hypnosis Show and Corporate Entertainer for your Special Event Mesmerizing, Hilarious, Outrageous!! Professional Comedy Hypnotist Gavin Hooper is an exciting and motivating entertainer, with an extremely   funny and fast-paced show where the volunteers become the stars! It’s always fun… never humiliating.  Hooper’s hypnotic performances are not “R” rated, making them suitable for everyone to attend and can be tailored to fit your needs. Comedy Hypnosis Shows are absolutely perfect for your corporate events, dry grads, colleges, fairs, private parties or fundraisers, and are a very unique way to show case or launch new products – talk about memorable!”


Have some fun before you book on the Fun Hypnotist page of mind benders!

What can this comedy hypnotist do for you?

Do you need to draw a crowd? Be seen in a fantastic light? Raise big money! Or… simply have the most people around your booth listening to your pitch! Gavin Hooper comedy hypnotist can make that happen. Check out the top 10 reasons to book Comedy Stage Hypnotist, Gavin Hooper!

Top 10 Reasons

Build, motivate and excite your team!

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Team building events don’t need to be dull, they should be fun inspirational and exciting.  So instead of banging on drums, chanting or making a collage from magazines, why not give your team a much needed boost of hypnotic energy, with a well thought-out hypnosis event that creates positive energy, is a lot of fun and maybe even has a couple of wild situations that requires you to really stretch your imagination all the while providing a much needed release from stress and tensions through laughter and hypnotic relaxation.

Stage hypnotist Gavin Hooper

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What My Clients Have Said

What people say about my shows!

“Gavin Hooper has done three shows for us at Globe restaurant at Big White, two for our staff and one for our customers. On each occasion, he was great to work with, professional, responsive and attentive to details. The shows were really well received on all three occasions, bringing intrigue, laughter and just good old fashioned comedy fun to an engaged and enthusiastically reassured crowd,  for which we had no problems getting volunteers to come forward! Loved dealing with him and would happily do so again!”
Big White
Absolutely roll on the floor!
The show put on by Gavin Hooper, Comedic Hypnotist was absolutely roll on the floor, wet your pants, face splitting funny.  He did an amazing job keeping my guests entertained, in a fun safe atmosphere.  I highly recommend him for any party.  My guests are still raving about the show weeks later and hoping for a repeat performance.
Jamie B
Volker Stevin Highways Ltd

Did our staff christmas event at Sparkling Hill. I laughed so hard my face hurt for the whole show. Almost ended up being part of it myself. Lol Highly recommended this guy!! Guaranteed great night!

Gillian Ess
Such a spectacular part of our event!!
Outstanding show Gavin! So much more than hypnosis was happening. To imagine 250 Grads that have been playing hard all night until 3:00AM, I was thinking you would have no trouble putting each one to sleep. Yet no, the entire audience was still on the edge of their seats to see every moment of what you had going on. Laughing hysterically & gasping with amazement the whole time. I am sure they knew it would be an interesting show going in but they left with wide eyes, more laughter & fantastic stories to tell.
Thanks for being such a spectacular part of our event!
R.S.S Dry Grad

Plan in advance!

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